Contact Us

LSTN HQ - 8228 Sunset Blvd, Suite 100, West Hollywood, CA 90046 - Phone #: (323) 822-5946

Do you have a question, complaint, suggestion or just want to say hi? We'd love to hear from you! Here's our FAQ:

I don't live in the U.S. - can you ship to me? Absolutely! International shipping is $25, no matter if you live on the North Pole or the Equator. You are responsible for the taxes in your region. We highly recommend UK customers ordering here to avoid extremely high taxes:

Can you ship overnight or two-day? Yes! Our overnight shipping is $35 and or 2-day shipping is $20. Our ground shipping is 5-7 business days.

Who do I contact about wholesale?

Please contact the following:

I am a musician who wants to be involved/I am a student who wants to be an intern/I want to ask a LSTN employee out on a date. Who do I contact? Please email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! We try to get back to everyone in 24 hours. If we don't, please don't yell (caps lock is not your friend), we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

I would like to feature your headphones in my blog/website/magazine. Do I need permission to use photos from your site? You don't need permission! We love being featured all around the world. In fact, here's a bunch of them in our media kit:

Are you chopping down trees? No. We love nature. That's why we moved to California. Please see this page.

Are LSTN headphones noise-canceling? None of our products use batteries so they are not official noise-canceling headphones. However, our Troubadour over-ear model is very effective at blocking outside noise while you're enjoying your music. 

Will my headphones work with my iPhone/iPod/iPad/Computer/Android/Blackberry/CD player/etc? Yes. Our 3.5mm gold plated plug is the standard for most devices and works in everything we have come across. We are not positive about 8-track or laser disc, and suggest you get a new device for listening to music on if this is your question.

Do I need batteries? No. We aren't into that. When you purchase LSTN headphones, you just plug and play!

Will my information be protected? Yes, we will never sell or use your information for anything other than sending you headphones. Please see our Privacy Policy.

I want to test the headphones before purchasing them. Is there anywhere I can go to do so? We're working on a list of our accounts and it will be up soon.

How do I return LSTN headphones? Say it isn't so! Please see our Return Policy.

Does each wood sound differently? Only slightly, please click here to see.

How do I work for LSTN? We are currently not hiring full time employees, however if you think you'd be a great intern, please send us an email - with the subject line: LSTN Internship.

I lost my headphone cable/my dog chewed it up/I stepped on it and it broke- can I order a replacement? Accidents happen- we won't ask questions. You can order a replacement cable through our site. 

How do I spread the word? We are a new company and LOVE that our customers are so passionate. Please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - whatever your favorite social network is. Tag us and we'll retweet/repost you. The most powerful tool for LSTN is word of mouth - if you love us, tell your friends, family, mailman, turtle! Let's take over the world (of headphones) and help a ton of people together!

I constantly get hit on by attractive girls/guys because my LSTN headphones are so cool. What can I do? You're welcome.